The Rules

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The Rules

Postby Gremlin » Tue Sep 15, 2015 1:45 pm

Core Rules

These rules apply to all parts of 501st BB, without exception and includes all images, avatars, signatures, uploaded content and linked content. Administrative action will be taken if these rules are broken – this could take the form of a warning, revoked forum rights, temporary ban or permanent ban.

• No racism/sexism - 

Racism refers to beliefs, practices and institutions that discriminate against people based on their perceived or ascribed "race". Primarily, it refers to an assumption that the human species can meaningfully be divided into races, together with hostility to people of certain race or a belief, conscious or unconscious, that people of different races differ in value. Some people whose thinking about others uses racial categories believe that different races can be placed on a ranked, hierarchical scale. Sexism is commonly considered to be discrimination against people based on their sex rather than their individual merits, but can also refer to any and all differentiations based on sex. 

• No hate speech/flaming - Hate speech is a controversial term for speech intended to degrade, intimidate, incite violence or prejudicial action against someone based on his/her race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. The term covers written as well as oral communication, hence it’s bearing on this forum.If what you wish to post could offend someone, rather don't post it.
• No excessive profanity - While cursing is allowed, nobody wants to read a post where every second word is a swear word. Limit it to emphasizing something or getting a point across.
• No disturbing imagery of any sort - This includes images featuring extreme violence, gruesome or morally offensive scenes. This will also include any rude / obnoxious behaviour / language directed in anger, or with malicious intent at fellow forum members; the definition of which is solely up to the discretion of the moderators.
• No pornography - Absolutely no sexually orientated images of any kind. This includes pornography, soft porn and erotica, questionable nudity, or anything else which is not suitable for viewing at work.

Signatures & Avatars

• If uploading or hot-linking (using the [IMG] BBCode) the maximum size of the image in your signature is 500x100 pixels and the maximum file size is 75.0 KB (all criteria must be met).
• If uploading or linking avatars; the maximum size of your custom image is 80x80 pixels and 20 KB (all criteria must be met).
• No animated avatars or signatures are allowed with exception to staff members.


• When joining the forum, you agree to the rules and then agree to follow them. There is little to no room for excuses for any transgressions.
• 501st and it’s staff members reserve the right to moderate, either by editing or deleting, any user-submitted content where deemed necessary with or without warning, as well as the right to enforce the rules of this forum when and wherever they are deemed necessary.
• 501st staff members' decisions are final and not up for dispute. We value your suggestions and input, however any member found to be bad-mouthing or attacking a staff member over a decision or decisions that have been made will be dealt with accordingly.
• Participation and/or membership to this site is not a right, but a privilege, as such, 501st and its staff reserve the right to deny membership for any reason deemed fit, with or without reason, at any time.

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